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Benefits of Breast Feeding

Breast milk is a secretion (hormonal) from female (mother’s) breasts which are rich in all kind of substances beneficial for a baby.

Secretion of milk (lactation) starts during late pregnancy with a regulation of various hormones in the female body:-

•    Progesterone- it holds lactation till delivery

•    Prolactin- it helps in preparation for lactation

•    Oxytocin- it helps in secretion of milk

•    Human Placental Lactogen- it helps in the growth of breasts

Types of Milk:-

•    Foremilk- it is the initial milk secreted while feeding, it helps to satisfy the thirst of baby

•    Hindmilk- it is the later milk secreted after foremilk while feeding, which satisfy the hunger of baby

•    Colostrum- it is the first milk which is secreted by a lactating mother for first 3 days. It is thick yellow in color and is rich in various antibodies, WBCs, growth factors and vitamins.  It should be given to every baby soon after birth

A Composition of Breast Milk:-

1.    Proteins-

–    Rich in whey protein more than casein protein

–    Contain Antibodies (IgA, IgG, IgM)

–    Contains factors for growth of gut bacteria (like Bifidus factor)

–    Contains lysozyme which protects from organisms like E.Coli

–    Lactoferrin inhibits some bacteria of the gut

2.    Fats- rich in long chain fatty acids (for brain, retina and nervous system growth)

3.    Vitamins- it depends upon how much mother takes

4.    Carbohydrates- lactose is 40% in milk and helps to decrease bacteria and increase absorption of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium

5.    Many other factors like neurotransmitters, urea, uric acid, amino acids, nucleotides are present in breast milk

6.    A newly discovered protein complex called HAMLET protein fight against Tumour cells, decrease the need for antibiotics to kill bacteria

7.    What is less in breast milk is iron and vitamin D

Importance of Breast Milk:


•    Increase warmth

•    Mother-baby bonding

•    Satisfy thirst and hunger

•    Immunity booster

•    Improves brain growth

•    Protects from infections

•    Protects from chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, cancer


•    Mother-child bonding

•    The easy way to feed her baby

•    Prevent conception

•    Low risk of postpartum hemorrhage, iron deficiency anemia, cancer

•    Helps in weight loss post pregnancy


•    Exclusive breastfeeding should be until 6 months of age of a baby

•    Instant food in dehydration

•    Like medicine and food for baby

•    No need to warm

•    Can be stored

Avoid:- There is no absolute contraindication, but relative contraindications to hold breastfeeding:

•    HIV infection in mothers

•    Mother on specific medicine which can harm a baby

•    Radiotherapy

•    Chemotherapy

•    Active and untreated TB

•    Babies with Galactosemia We at cuddles educate and encourage lactating mothers to feed their babies with their milk.  Lactation education is provided at our center

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