‘Cuddles’ means holding the loved one with warmth,love and care. As a pediatrician we do the same to care and treat your little one with warmth. Our Clinic works in every aspect of child care. We treat ailments and deal with growth,nutrition and vaccination and neonatology.
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Watch out these symptoms and factors leading to this deficiency. Usually deficiency of this enzyme doesn’t harm unless there is metabolic stress in body which can be either to oral medicines or food items like beans, tonic water etc. G6PD is defined as Glucose 6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase enzyme Deficiency which is important in red blood cell metabolism and helps to protect red blood cells from reactive oxygen species. It is a haemolytic anaemia (red blood cell enzymopathy) which has X-linked recessive genetic basis. It was discovered in 1950 accidently.

Are juices really for your kids? No. The reason, packed juices, carbonated and sweetened drinks are not good as they are full of preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners. Generally all this stuff can cause harmful effects on child’s health in the form of sweetened food causes caries, diarrhea, obesity etc. Preservatives and artificial colors could cause allergies like dermatitis, bronchitis, rhinitis, sore throat etc. So there should be strict no to the endless use of juices for children.