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Why all the time she keeps on Crying?
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Crying Child: Why all the time she keeps on crying?

Crying is the language of child as small child can’t explain herself. Baby cries for everything they want like feeling hungry, wet diaper, feeling uneasy in position, or want to go to parents. So the issue of crying is what you should know as parents.

• Excessive crying is seen in 15-40% children. Every time we have to differentiate whether it is normal or abnormal
• Firstly we have t calm the anxiety and fear of parents and then should evaluate and examine child thoroughly for the problem.

Colic in infants: It is most common problem with an infant seen commonly around 1week of life upto 1year (more common in first 3 months)
Acute otitis media: it is mild ear pain due to secondary infection in ear tube which can be problematic if overlooked but again baby presents it with crying
Constipation: sometimes due to dietary changes or formula feeds, constipation occurs in babies which lead to passage of hard stool. That can be problematic to pass out.

Nose blockage: as child finds it difficult to feed, sleep and always is in irritation state due to nose blockage.
Cough and cold: it is regularly seen whenever there is flu season, child cries due to cough, sore throat, wheezing and running nose.

Pain in body: it can be due to eruption of teeth, bone pains, minor fever etc.

Causes where there is no medical issues:
• Hunger, thirst, tiredness, discomfort, feeling bored
• Separation from mother
• Temperature disturbances in surroundings
• Wet nappy

Sometimes child only has irritability which need to be differentiated from crying

Treatment depends on:
• Diagnose the cause and treat the ailment
• If no diagnosis then just follow up the child in OPD and give reassurance and supportive measures to parents

• Look for common causes first
• Rule out serious underlying medical problems too
• Don’t do unnecessary and expensive workup for every crying patient

• If baby is not having fever, it does not rule out any underlying serious ailment
• Crying hard leads to raised heart beat, its normal.
• All babies cry, its normal not to worry
• Many tests helps to reach diagnosis
• Parents are always anxious for babies, but this does not mean that there is something truly wrong with baby
• This is colic baby always
• Parents or family can’t harm baby (non accidental trauma)

You should keep in mind above myths, better to look for real issues.

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