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WHO recommends all children with acute diarrhoea should be treated with zinc, regardless of etiology.
It is an important micronutrient for human body.

Recommendations are:
Children <6 months- 10mg zinc for 10-14 days Children >6 months- 20mg zinc for 10-14 days

Zinc is available in the form of tablets and syrups like zinc sulphate, zinc acetate, zinc gluconate

How it helps in diarrhoea?
• Prevents reoccurring diarrhoea in following months
• Prevents zinc deficiency
• It is good for both acute and chronic diarrhoea

• It inhibits chemical (cAMP) mediated fluid secretion
• It inhibits potassium channels
• Boosts the immune system
• Increases absorption of water and electrolytes
• Decreases toxin induced cholera infection (type of diarrhoeal infection)
• It works as a adjuvant to antimicrobial treatment in blood dysentery
• Increases brush border enzymes (boosts enzymes)
• Increases intestinal epithelium regeneration
Zinc reduces severity, duration and reoccurrence in ensuing 2-3 months.

Zinc reduces cost of management of diarrhoea. It makes ORS therapy more cost effective. Due to which it is given free of cost at Primary Health centres.
Fruits rich in zinc are strawberries, dates, raisins, pomegranate, banana and kiwis. Although fruit zinc is not sufficient for treatment of diarrhoea but daily consumption of such fruits helps in boosting immunity.

We at Cuddles Child Clinic, highly recommend use of zinc as a treatment for acute diarrhoeal infection. It is helpful in many ways and is cost effective too.

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