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‘Cuddles’ means holding the loved one with warmth,love and care. As a pediatrician we do the same to care and treat your little one with warmth. Our Clinic works in every aspect of child care. We treat ailments and deal with growth,nutrition and vaccination and neonatology.
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Our team’s efforts are towards betterment of your child. We team up to give best at cuddles child clinic in various aspects. Our efforts are towards satisfaction of parents about what we deal with their kids in their health.

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Well being clinic



Infections and ailments





Well baby clinic and adolescent checkup

With each visit with our doctor well baby assessment is done along with vaccination and consultation. Well baby assessment comprises of weight, length/height and head circumference measurement, check for baby’s milestones for age, bowel and bladder habits, feeding and food. This routine checkup is important and is done in our clinic for every child who comes for visit. Adolescent routine checkup is also important in which our doctor assess the growth spurt which happens in this age group, bodily changes during this period of age, talking with the grown up for assessment of their mental health and guiding for the importance of adolescent vaccination.


Asthma And Allergies

We treat and guide parents and children regarding asthma and allergies. The way to cure the asthma using- bronchodilators (syrups, nebulizer,inhalers), short course steroids and allergies using- antihistaminis, soothing agents, short course steroids is done here. Advising parents the role of precautions in treatment of asthma and allergies, dealing with the emergency conditions, call for a doctor. We help parents in their anxiety for these allergies and make them understand the condition and treatment for long term benefits and regular follow ups.


Growth Management

In our clinic routine assessment of each and every child for his/her growth is done. Our aim is to assess each child for any kind of growth failures and timely manage the problem. We tell parents the monthly assessment of child and make them understand the importance of proper growth using growth charts. Any child with growth delays or early growth pattern are managed accordingly like child with micro/macrocephaly, short stature, obesity, precious puberty, growth failure due to nutritional deficiencies etc.

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Nutrition For Child

Our doctor guide parents regarding the importance of nutritive food in a child’s life. With the help of diet chart or explaining the schedule of food helps parents to easily understand nutrition part in child’s routine. What to give, when to give, what not to give? All the questions are answered by our doctor. We deal with issues like breast feeding, weaning, healthy diet, complementary food, diet during constipation etc. Our aim is to make every child health through good diet as food is child’s nutrition, multivitamins, immunity, antibiotic, energy, calorie and many more.



Our aim is to vaccinate every child since birth. Here we guide and explain parents regarding the importance of vaccines in child’s life, how vaccines help to fight against deadly infections, no as such harmful effects of vaccines. We also guide parents regarding which type of vaccine is good for child as there are many brands and we follow different schedules, some vaccines are very important and some are optional, area specific, catch up vaccination, cost effective vaccination, timely vaccination, clearing the mind for no vaccination thought, ease parents for the painful event which happens during vaccination etc.


Childhood And Infectious Problems

Here with deal with various childhood diseases like URI, Typhoid, UTI, Gastroenteritis, Tuberculosis, LRTI etc. We try to assess and do the timely management of the disease. We also deals with childhood problems like temper tantrums, breath holding spells, encopresis, enuresis, nail biting, adolescent behavioral problems, worm infestation, ADHD, tics, cradle cap, infantile colic, reflux etc.

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